Working With Your Body

Chiropractic helps unleash your natural healing ability, your inner healer. Chiropractic has been a blessing to many millions worldwide since its discovery in 1895.

What is chiropractic and how can a chiropractor help you?

What Do Chiropractors Do?

Chiropractic is the largest and most popular natural, drug-free healthcare system in the world. Why?

Because chiropractors perform a unique service; they locate and release stress from your body, a stress that affects your brain and spinal cord.

The world’s most powerful healer

Your body is the world’s most powerful healer—it stores more information than the most powerful mainframe computer. It is able to learn, grow and repair itself. For that you have a powerful central computer and a vast communications system.

All your many body parts and systems

cardiovascular, digestive, eliminative, immune, structural, hormonal and others—must work in harmony. This will enable you to function at your optimum—full of energy, happiness, strength and joy so you are able to fulfil your hopes and dreams.

Your central computer needs a communications

system with billions of “wires” so all your parts can communicate with each other.

What is your “inner computer” made of?

Not metal, silicon and plastic—it’s mostly water and fat floating in a special protective, temperature controlled hard casing.

As you’ve probably guessed the computer is your brain, the “wires” are your nerve fibres and the protective casing is your skull, spinal column and body structure.

Your brain and your body

Nerves leave your brain and travel from your skull as a tightly knit bundle of billions of nerves—your spinal cord. Nerves in your spinal cord exit between the bones (vertebrae) of your spinal column and carry messages to and from your brain. This is how your brain stays in communication with your billions of body parts.

Sometimes your communications system develops a “bug” and information going through it may be garbled or distorted. This bug is referred to as a subluxation. The most common cause of subluxations is a tiny distortion in your spine and body structure. This distortion or misalignment creates stress on your nerves. Instead of protecting your nerves, your bones irritate and impinge them and cause physical and mental dis-ease or malfunction.

Correcting Subluxations

Chiropractors spend years of highly specialised training learning how to locate these “bugs” or subluxations. After locating these subluxations your chiropractor,

using various highly specialized adjusting or correcting techniques, releases pressure from your nerves and body structure. This procedure is called a chiropractic adjustment.

Most Are Unaware

Often people are totally unaware that they have subluxations in their body. That is because many nerves send no pain messages; you may not know that areas of your body

are under serious stress and being damaged. For example, you can feel when something happens to your skin (which is full of sensory nerves) but not your liver (which has no sensory nerves).

Improper Nerve Supply

You may live with subluxations for years, all the while feeling no pain. During that “pain-free” time your body may be weakening and actual damage to your spinal column, nerves and organs may be occurring. This process is similar to that of tooth decay where you may have dental caries for a long time and yet feel no pain. All the while however,

your tooth (or teeth) continues to decay.

The Lucky Ones

People who have neck or back pain are, in a way, lucky. They know there is a problem in their spine and may do the smart thing: go to a chiropractor.

Others may suffer from digestive problems, headaches, colds, menstrual cramps, depression, seizures, skin conditions and many other problems and not know that they have a subluxation and that a chiropractic adjustment could make a major difference in their health.

Millions Of Subluxations

Millions of people are walking around with many subluxations in their bodies! It’s a silent epidemic!

These people don’t feel anything wrong in their backs or necks so they think their nerves are fine and they never get checked by a chiropractor. How wrong they are!

How do you know if you have a subluxation? You go to a chiropractor and get yourself checked and adjusted (if needed).

Chiropractic Checkups

You get your teeth checked, your eyes checked and your hearing checked occasionally—why not your spine? It only takes a short time, it’s fun and your whole nervous system—and body—will thank you for it.

True Health Assurance

Many people bring in the whole family—true health assurance, making sure they are free of “silent” subluxations now, so they won’t experience “noisy” illness later. Please join the millions of people who have made chiropractic part of their healthcare lifestyle. You and your family will be happier and healthier.