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What is sciatic nerve and sciatica pain?

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body. It runs from your pelvis, through your hip area and buttocks and down each leg. The sciatic nerve branches into smaller nerves as it travels down the legs providing feeling to your thighs, legs, and feet as well as controlling many of the muscles in your lower legs. The term sciatica refers to pain that radiates along the path of this nerve.

What’s nature of sciatica pain?

Those that suffer with sciatica know how painful this condition can be.

The pain is described as dull, achy, sharp, toothache-like, pins and needles or similar to electric shocks.

What causes sciatica?

Sciatica is generally caused by sciatic nerve compression. Disorders known to cause sciatic nerve pain include lumbar spine subluxations or misalignments, herniated, slipped, or bulging discs, pregnancy and childbirth, tumors, and non-spinal disorders such as diabetes, constipation, or sitting on one’s back pocket wallet.

Chiropractic adjustments for sciatica

Chiropractic adjustments are proven to be safe and effective. They help to reduce the nerve irritability responsible for causing inflammation, muscle spasm, pain, and other symptoms related to sciatica.

Adjustments should not be painful.

Research found chiropractic is effective for sciatica pain.

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